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ATHENA Leadership Principles

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Live Authentically 

  • Stays true to self, is aligned with her values, and her behavior reflects her value-based compass
  • Steps forward to serve with insight, compassion and wisdom
  • Demonstrates integrity and consistent principled behavior
  • Reflects on shortcomings, and seeks opportunities for improvement
  • Bravely faces reality, is willing to see with clarity and discernment and stands alone if necessary
  • Is aware of what makes up her identity, including warts and all

Learn Constantly

  • Wise enough to understand that she does not know everything
  • Passionately engages in self improvement
  • Seeks learning opportunities to optimize her full potential and adversites
  • Excited to explore greater or new issues and seeks ways to discover and understand
  • Open and willing to explore the unknown.  Wiling and able to accept what she doesn’t know. Not all knowing.

Build Relationships

  • Acts as a conduit to connect ideas, projects and people in her chosen circle of influence
  • Ability to see strengths and gifts in others they may not see and connects collective talent for the greater good
  • Extends herself to others personally and professionally
  • Helps others discover and develop behavioral, communication, leadership, and technical skills to create, produce and persevere
  • Lives by the principle that people desire to do good work in relationships with colleagues
  • Honors and supports others to be fully who they can be

Foster Collaboration

  • Is able to see and integrate the strengths, passion and mission of two or more parties and bring them together for a unified goal
  • Actively seeks partnerships, new options, methods and ideas to manifest greater results
  • Becomes a Change Agent for better results and improved methods
  • Encourages teamwork, transparency and building bridges across factions and silos
  • Inclusive of others in visioning, strategy and problem solving.
  • Acknowledges, appreciates, and recruits the contributions of others, and other organizations

Advocate Fiercely

  • Takes a stand for what is right and leaves her mark
  • Passionate in making a difference for women, and women-related causes
  • Confident, competent, capable in using her beliefs and skills in a cause to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Advocates for personal, professional, and community causes without fear and prejudice, engaging in crucial conversations.
  • Doesn’t view roadblocks as a stopping point, but as an opportunity to find a new solution

Act Courageously

  • Creates steps to move forward in her personal, professional life that may seem difficult or unachievable
  • Fearless in their quest to move forward and make a difference
  • Moves through fear and confronts reality head-on for the benefit of self and others, choses not to sit on the sidelines.
  • Takes appropriate action when others might hesitate, develops a plan and steps forward without looking back
  • Acts purposefully, bravely in spite of perceived odds or obstacles