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Date(s) - 11/02/2017
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Seasons 52 at the Biltmore Fashion Park


Maraion Douglas founder of MOMA’s House

Maraion Douglas worked in Coporate America for over 30 years until she decided to step out on faith and begin the journey of opening her Non-profit center MOMA’s House. Her mission to heal traumatized victim’s of domestic violence and sex-trafficing has propelled her to build relationships in her community and with her sponsors.

As we head into the holiday season, many tell stories of how family and friend dynamics seem to either be strengthened or tested. The begining of this season is a perfect time to explore two underlying concepts needed to strengthen both our personal and professional leadership capacity for Building Relationships.

The first concept is Trust. Trust can only develop through self-disclosure. Some often refer to this process as “mask removal”. People in general spend a significant amount of their day unaware of how much time they spend in “mask making”. To correct this tendency within ourselves we need to learn self-disclosure. When we are telling ourselves and others a lie, they feel it, they intuitively know it! Conversely, when you take small or large steps to reveal truths, you will find it produces amazing responses. Others feel a deeper connection; the relationship foundation feels stronger and you will experience their willingness to reveal even more about themselves! Suddenly they are more empowered with self-disclosure.

The second concept is Boundaries.  Our boundaries are challenged daily. Social media sends us messages of what we must do to be beautiful, or how we should behave, or who we should have as friends. (Hear the “should” word?). Social media also offers opportunities for us to hear the wise words of other women who have carved a new path by challenging boundaries such as Jeannette Rankin, Nell Merlino, Catherine the Great, Eva Peron, and Jane Goodal.  Who do you think of as women who had clear relationship boundaries or challenged the boundaries of others to create social change? Think about the women who have guided you and the boundaries you hold today. What is at your core that you will never give up?

As you prepare for this meeting ask yourself about your own definition for Build Relationships. What is important to you? What are you afraid of? What will it take to build trusting relationships? Where are your firm boundaries that indicate you will walk away from this relationship despite the anticipated hurt or pain? How long will you stay engaged in ideas or people that are different, long enough to see if or where there is a shift?

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